"Diamonds Are Forever!"

We are fascinated by the “Crusher” cap. More than likely, if you’re visiting our site, you are too. After years of studying and collecting these great items, we decided to make copies of them that would be reasonable alternatives to the originals that we’ve worn. Donning originals today can be a risky prospect...a lasting piece of WWII history should be preserved as well as possible.

Whether to a “Hangar Dance” or an Air Show, we want to wear crusher caps, just like those amazing originals! There are many reproductions available, with varying degrees of authenticity and material choices. Most of these are now made abroad, and very few seem to capture that “rakish”, worn-in, Fighter/Bomber pilot look. Our desire is to go a little further and create caps that emulate the qualities of originals, faults and greatness included. Not to simply make repro “Service Caps” that have had the grommet removed. Many of these others, seem to always be made incorrectly and lack most of the correct details (i.e. Top stitching of all fabric components and crushable brims) "Roll it up and put it in your pocket" was a common quote of the day regarding these very pliable and functional caps, and our caps make this a modern reality.

In the 1940s, caps were mass-produced by a great many companies such as Bancroft, Luxenberg, and The Flight Weight, to name a few. We at Diamond Cap Co. have decided to reproduce these great pieces of Americana. We have also decided to represent an English Tailor, J. COLLETT LTD as this maker was most prodigious during the war and had a very recognizable label.

In short, we will customize for every customer, so a Diamond Cap Co. cap will be tailored based on information the customer provides. We want to ensure that you not only like how the cap is made, but that it fits just as you'd want. This level of customization was available during WWII, but generally, reserved for those Officers with a lot of disposable income, and a private tailor. So whether you need a “Pink” topper with OD mohair to complete your collection or just have a size 8 head, we can make a cap for you.

We have much more information about our caps, how they are made, the materials used, and we would encourage you to contact us.

Apparently there was a "Diamond Cap Co" in existence during the 1930's. The image below is of a tag in a Garrison Cap from that time period, perhaps even from the WWI era the company seems to have existed.



Diamond Cap Co


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